3D Photogrammetry with UAV




German Archaeological Institute (DAI)


German Archaeological Institute (DAI)


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The tutorial explains how 3D-photogrammetry can be used to replace older methods of spatial documentation in archaeology. It is offered by the platform iDAI.tutorials of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI). In addition to this, this platform offers the first Arabic translations of international standards and guidelines on digitization such as OAIS, Dublin Core. Courses and resources are being continuously developed and added by the various initiatives of the project “Stunde Null/Hour Zero” with the support of the Archaeological Heritage Network. The platform was initially developed in the framework of the Funds-in-Trust agreement "Capacity Building, Technical and Media Support" between UNESCO and the German Archaeological Institute.

The software enables users to generate 3D models by taking many images of features and objects using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). As a prerequisite, it is assumed that learners would know the basics about global and local coordinate systems and the use of measuring devices such as DGNSS or total station to acquire coordinates.  

Among the learning objectives are:

  • Developing a basic knowledge of 3D photogrammetry software
  • Taking images to make a qualitative model, while learning the options of moving the camera
  • Collecting images using UAV
  • Learning functions, options and limits of various hardware components which are necessary for collecting good images during a UAV flight
  • Storing and processing data after the flight