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This journal presents research studies that seek to recenter (or decenter) archaeology, and that challenge local and global power geometries. It can be accessed through the website of Springer, an academic publisher.

The journal focusses on ethics and archaeology; public archaeology; legacies of colonialism and nationalism within the discipline; the interplay of local and global archaeological traditions; theory and archaeology; the discipline’s involvement in projects of memory, identity, and restitution; and rights and ethics relating to cultural property, issues of acquisition, custodianship, conservation, and display. In view of the importance of non-Western epistemologies and intellectual traditions, the journal publishes some material in non-standard format, including dialogues; annotated photographic essays; transcripts of public events; and statements from elders, custodians, descent groups and individuals.

 Some of the articles published in the journal are:

  • The Ancient city of Anazarbos and its significance as a World Heritage Site
  • Recording unmarked graves in a remote Aboriginal community: The challenge of cultural heritage driving sustainable development
  • The new-found Petroglyphs at Aznā, Lorestan Province, Western Iran