Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and the Antiquities Trade




University Press of Florida


Oxford Academic


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This e-book provides several in-depth case studies arguing that the antiquities market impacts cultural heritage around the world and is a burgeoning global crisis. It can be accessed through Oxford Academic, which is Oxford University Press (OUP)’s platform for scholarly research, academic books and journals. It is published by the University Press of Florida.

The e-book investigates the ways that commodifying artifacts fuels the destruction of archaeological heritage and considers what can be done to protect it. The chapters in this e-book include discussions that offer examinations of archaeological site looting; the antiquities trade; the ruin of cultural heritage resources; and the international efforts to combat their destruction.

Some of the contents of the e-book are:

  • Protecting cultural heritage in conflict
  • A model investigative protocol for looting and anti-looting educational programs
  • From the ground to the buyer: A market analysis of the trade in illegal antiquities
  • Afghanistan's cultural heritage: An exceptional case?
  • Museum acquisitions: responsibilities for the illicit traffic in antiquities
  • The plunder of Iraq's archaeological heritage, 1991–2005, and the London antiquities trade