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This journal offers free access to articles and global perspectives on heritage conservation and revitalization. It can be accessed through Springer Open, an academic publisher.

The journal publishes research that reflect on the role of contemporary architecture in historic environments; the balance between conservation and development, new tools of heritage management, policy, culture and identity, energy consumption and sustainability. Published research articles also discuss varied aspects of conservation projects namely, design, control, implementation and management.

Some of the articles and special issues published in the journal recently are:

  • Preserving the past or past preserving: sustaining the legacy of postmodern museum architecture
  • Heritage conservation in postcolonial India
  • Heritage legislation and management
  • Applying a landscape perspective to digital cultural heritage
  • The involvement of local communities in the conservation process of earthen architecture in the Sahel-Sahara region – the case of Djenné, Mali
  • Earthen architecture, an endangered vernacular heritage
  • Adaptive reuse of the built heritage: concepts and cases of an emerging discipline