Communicating During Global Emergencies




Emory University




Free (certificate fee: USD$ 29, optional)

Available in

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Spanish


This course introduces basic concepts and principles of communicating during a global crisis or emergency. It is offered by Emory University through Coursera, an online education platform.

The course describes effective communication strategies using examples to aid in developing behaviors aimed at minimizing risk of health in an emergency situation. The participants are taught how a communication plan is prepared to identify communication channels, role of communicators in an organizational process in the event of a crisis. Additionally, the course illustrates risk communication strategies outlined in International Health Regulations through real life scenarios of emergency situations.

Some of the course contents are:

  • Framework of Crisis and Emergency Risk Communications (CERC)
  • Principles and steps in implementing a crisis communication plan
  • Three questions to ask when deciding whether or not to release a given piece of information