Conversations with Global Leaders: Leading on Sustainable Development

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The course features interviews of world leaders about how they make tough policy decisions that impact humanity and the planet, in a complex world. It is conducted by the SDG Academy and made available through edX, an online education platform. The SDG Academy is an initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

This course focusses on how change happens and is sustained at the highest level within governments and organizations. Conversations involve former heads of state and global leaders in business and civil society. These individuals bring diverse perspectives on the leadership necessary to create national and global movements towards sustainable development, including combating climate change, promoting and preserving human rights, and ensuring prosperity for all.

The SDG Academy, in collaboration with Club de Madrid, has come together to offer a unique course on Global Leadership for the SDGs.

Some of the contents of the course are:

  • Understanding the importance of goal-setting and the SDGs
  • Overcoming divisions in society and the SDGs
  • Inclusive and moral leadership
  • Leadership in the corporate sector