Creating a Digital Cultural Heritage Community

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KU Leuven University




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In this course, participants are taught how to create a community for digital cultural heritage through innovative practices for user engagement. KU Leuven University teaches the course through edX, an online education platform.

This course provides in-depth information about digital curation and annotation to professionals and volunteers in cultural heritage institutions, as well as teachers, students and amateurs. It discusses the use of online repositories, cutting-edge tools and digital strategies to stimulate true interaction and dialogue. Among many other examples, tit takes a look at the use case of Europeana, the digital portal for European cultural heritage content.

Some of the topics covered in the course are:

  • Introduction to Kaleidoscope and CultureMoves projects
  • Creating and reflecting on user engagement with online collections
  • Strategies used to educate audiences
  • Access and use of digital repositories and platforms
  • Creative engagement with photography and dance content