Cultural Diplomacy




European University Institute (EUI)


Future Learn


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This course describes cultural diplomacy in the context of how it works in today's polarised world. It is offered by the European University Institute (EUI) through Future Learn, an e-learning platform. EUI is an international organization which produces high level research and provides doctoral and post-doctoral academic training in the social sciences.

The course explores whether cultural diplomacy is about intercultural dialogue and engagement between different countries or whether it could be understood as one type of public diplomacy. The participants will learn about the role of state actors, international organisations as well as that of non-state actors (including types of cultural and educational institutions). It will also discuss the emerging European Union (EU) strategy of cultural diplomacy.

Some of the learning outcomes of the course are:

  • Cultural cooperation
  • Cities and regions in cultural diplomacy
  • Grassroots interactions in cultural diplomacy
  • Europeanizing cultural cooperation