Cultural Diversity and the City




European University Institute (EUI)


Future Learn


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This course explores how cities can develop a distinct heritage through embracing cultural diversity. It is offered as part of the 'Exploring Culture and Heritage,' program conducted by the European University Institute (EUI) through Future Learn, an online education platform. EUI is an international organization which produces high level research and provides doctoral and post-doctoral academic training in the social sciences.

Cities all over the world have embraced cultural and religious diversity, creating unique heritages. In this course, participants will investigate both ‘old’ and ‘new’ diversities in city heritage in four different continents. The course describes cities with a divisive heritage (Bristol as a slave port) and a post-migration heritage such as Cologne in Germany. In addition to this, it explores major post-colonial urban centres and how they used cultural diversity to revitalise inner city areas.

Some of the learning objectives of the course are:

  • Protecting, preserving and transforming a diverse cultural heritage
  • Turning urban cultural diversity into an asset
  • Branding cities and their heritage