Cultural Heritage Ethics: Between Theory and Practice




University of Hertfordshire


Open Book Publishers



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This e-book is a collection of essays discussing the intra-disciplinary approach to managing cultural heritage. It can be accessed through the website of the Open Book Publishers, a not-for-profit publisher providing free access to academic books.

The e-book offers perspectives of authors from a diverse set of disciplines ranging from journalism and museums to law and academics. The essays in the book are grouped into four sections namely, meaning and memory; history and archaeology; ownership and restitution; and management and protection. The first section opens with the essay drawing a distinction between history and heritage. The second part of the e-book addresses ethical aspects of archaeological research activities. In the third section, authors deliberate upon the complexity of restitution of cultural property. The last section discusses several dimensions of heritage management such as management plans and heritage laws.

Some of the topics discussed in the e-book are:

  • The ethics of digging
  • The meaning of the public in an age of privatisation
  • The possibilities and perils of heritage management