Cultural Heritage in Transformation

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This course addresses the global issue of sustainable conservation of cultural heritage amid growing urbanization. It is offered by Aachen University through edX, an online education platform.

As the global trend shifts towards largescale urbanization, it also raises questions as to how new development can take place which respects and maintains the intrinsic values and unique qualities which have been handed down from previous generations. In this context, this course addresses these themes by providing participants with the skills to define, explore, conserve, utilize and manage cultural heritage.

Throughout the course, the participants will be introduced to various methodologies and thematic approaches relevant to these skills using the city of Aachen as an example. Through case studies drawn from Aachen and beyond, the learners will explore examples at a range of spatial scales; from landscape and city scale to individual buildings and artifacts.

Revision questions and assignments will enable participants to consolidate their newly acquired skills and to implement these approaches within the city or town of their choice.

Some of the learning objectives of the course are:

  • Process of defining cultural heritage
  • Methods to explore cultural heritage
  • Practices dedicated to sustaining cultural heritage and its assets
  • Adaptation strategies regarding the utilization and management of cultural heritage