Culture in Crisis: The Practical Applications of Digital Reproduction in Heritage Preservation




Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A)





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This conference explores how technology can be applied in the wider sphere of cultural heritage preservation. It is available on the official YouTube channel of the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A).

The conference discusses the multidisciplinary approach to increase access to culture for audiences with special needs, as well as improving regional collaboration on digital reproduction between cultural institutions. Speaking with a diverse pool of potential partners, the conference provides an opportunity to collaborate on the implementation of the 2017 Reproductions of Art and Cultural Heritage (ReACH) Declaration, which is a new agreement to promote and facilitate dissemination of works of art and culture in the digital sphere. This conference was hosted by the V&A's Culture in Crisis Programme, in partnership partnered with Yale Global Cultural Heritage Initiatives.

 Some of the themes presented at the conference are:

  • Regional Museums: Al Rawlinson (Head of Digital Innovation and Learning, Historic Environment Scotland)
  • Schools: Faye Ellis (Director of Digital Tech, Thomas’ School Clapham, Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2017)
  • Universities: Dr Robert Bewley (Project Director & Co-Founder of Endangered Archaeology of the Middle East--EAMENA--Oxford University)