Cultures and Identities in Europe




European University Institute (EUI)


Future Learn


Free (certificate fee: USD$ 54, optional)

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This course explores European cultures, identities and policies. It is offered as part of the 'Exploring Culture and Heritage,' program conducted by the European University Institute (EUI) through Future Learn, an online education platform. EUI is an international organization which produces high level research and provides doctoral and post-doctoral academic training in the social sciences.

In this course, participants will critically consider the formation of diverse identities and cultures in Europe. They will explore fundamental European policies on culture, creativity and the media, and shed light on the importance of memories and shared heritage. The course describes the policy behind European cultural and media industries and question current approaches to cultural creativity that rely heavily on economics.

Some of the topics covered in the course are:

  • European identities
  • European memory and heritage
  • Cultural industries in Europe
  • Urban creativity
  • Cultural creativity and European futures