Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (DAACH)




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This journal focusses on innovative research, applications and projects related to digital technologies in archaeology and cultural heritage. It includes publications of 3D digital models of cultural heritage sites, monuments and paleoanthropological remains. It can be accessed through the website of Elsevier, an academic publishing platform.

The journal aims both to preserve digital cultural heritage models and to provide access to them for the scholarly community to facilitate the academic debate. It is unique in that its focus is on the application of 3D modeling to cultural heritage. The journal focuses on scholarship that either promotes the application of 3D technologies to the fields of archaeology, art and architectural history, and palaeoanthropology or uses 3D technology to make a significant contribution to the study of built structures, works of art or palaeoanthropological remains.

 Some of the most cited articles of the journal are:

  • Heritage documentation using laser scanner and photogrammetry. The case study of Qasr Al-Abidit, Jordan
  • Bibliometric and content analysis on publications in digitization technology implementation in cultural heritage for recent five years (2016–2021)
  • Climate change and its outcome on the archaeological areas and their building materials. The case study of Tharros (Italy)