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This channel includes playlists of conferences and events featuring conversations around sustainable conservation of World Heritage Sites. The playlists can be accessed through the official Youtube channel of Edinburgh World Heritage.

Edinburgh World Heritage is a charity engaged in conserving, promoting and enhancing the city's World Heritage Site, with a focus on threats posed by climate change. It is partly funded by the Historic Environment Scotland, a public body engaged in promoting and protecting Scotland’s historic environment. Through the Youtube channel, Edinburgh World Heritage presents films that engage and educate audience about the city’s historical sites. This includes videos on stone facades, historic pubs, relics, and climate profile of the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 Some of the discussions featured on the channel are:

  • World Heritage and the climate emergency - assessing the threat
  • World Heritage and the climate emergency - creating solutions
  • Heritage Under Threat - Climate change and the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh's climate emergency - heritage be part of the solution