Ethics in Action

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This course explores the role of ethics, spirituality, and religious communities in sustainable development. It discusses the perspectives of traditions and their role in addressing global challenges, including poverty, corruption, and climate change. It is offered by the SDG Academy through edX, an online education platform. The SDG Academy is an initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

In 2016, distinguished leaders from the world's major religious traditions, philosophers, scholars, and scientists were invited by Pope Francis to the Vatican for a series of meetings., collectively known as the 'Ethics in Action,' initiative. This course features these meetings to highlight the importance of multi-faith cooperation for achieving sustainable development.

The highlights of the course include:

  • Creating a virtuous society
  • Learning ethical conduct towards the vulnerable
  • Understanding barriers to lasting peace among and within nations
  • Describing a Hindu approach to environmental care
  • Examining ethics in action through case studies