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This journal publishes research conducted across the sub-fields of International Relations scholarship. It can be accessed through the website of SAGE Journals, an academic publisher.

The journal provides a global perspective on the interdisciplinary nature of International Relations. This includes publishing theoretical insights and methodologies in the study of global politics in the social sciences and beyond, among others international history, international law, international and development economics, and political/economic geography. It is the peer-reviewed flagship journal of the ECPR Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR) and the European International Studies Association (EISA).

Some of the recently published articles in the journal are:

  • The corruption of international society? General and complete disarmament from the perspective of the practitioners
  • Myths of military revolution: European expansion and Eurocentrism
  • Soft power and identity: Russia, Ukraine and the ‘Russian world(s)’
  • Institutional design for a post-liberal order: Why some international organizations live longer than others
  • Do UN peace operations lead to more terrorism? Repertoires of rebel violence and third-party interventions