Explore Culture and Heritage




European University Institute (EUI)


Future Learn

Start Date

19 Aug 2020


Free (certificate fee: USD$ 177, optional)

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This program includes three courses delving into cultural heritage and diversity and how they affect nations, cities and individuals. It is offered by the European University Institute (EUI) via the Future Learn platform.

The courses in this program explore the importance of culture and heritage. Among other topics, courses cover European identities, the impact of diversity on cities, and how cultures can become brands.

Learners will examine the concept of 'culture' by exploring practices, at local, national and transnational levels. They will also work on case studies to illustrate how culture and cultural diversity more specifically can offer innovative solutions to many challenges.

Courses in this program include:

  • Cultural heritage and the city
  • Cultural diversity and the city
  • Cultures and identities in Europe