From Vernacular to World Heritage




University of Florence


Firenze University Press (FUP)



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This e-book discusses the significance and vulnerable nature of vernacular architecture. It can be accessed through the website of Firenze University Press (FUP), a digital publishing platform initiated by the University of Florence.

The e-book describes the tangible and intangible knowledge imparted by vernacular heritage. It also illustrates the role of digital technologies and communications in enhancing the value of vernacular architecture. Through case studies, the book provides details of the conservation, restoration and maintenance interventions undertaken at different sites across the world. It concludes the research findings of the ‘3DPAST – Living & virtual visiting European World Heritage’ project, which is co-funded by the European Union (2016-2020), under the program of Creative Europe. This project leverages technology to highlight 3D models of vernacular heritage. Additionally, this publication is part of the open access series, 'Searches, Architecture, Planning, Landscape, Design,' promoted by the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence.

Some of the topics discussed in the book are:

  • Enhancing vernacular world heritage through digital technology and multimedia tools
  • Vernacular architecture in the 'World Heritage list'
  • Building the future of 'European Vernacular World Heritage'