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The tutorials discuss didactic resources that have been produced and used in the Getty Conservation Institute’s (GCI) courses, workshops and field training. They can be accessed on the GCI's official YouTube channel as well as its website.

A critical component of the work of the GCI is making available to conservation professionals a variety of publications and other resources that can assist them in their work. This includes didactic resources that have been produced and used in the Institute's courses, workshops and field training.

The work of the GCI is carried out through four departments: Buildings and Sites, Collections, Science, and Communications. The institute is housed at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, along with the other programs of the Getty Trust.

The Teaching Note that introduces each set of didactic materials elaborates on the pedagogy of that specific course or workshop and may contain links to web-based resources that provide additional information on teaching. 

Some of the themes discussed in the tutorials are:

  • Earth as a building material under the International Course on Conservation of Earthen Architecture 2018
  • Dust removal of Tutankhamen's tomb where Stephen Rickerby demonstrates dust removal from the surface of wall paintings in Tutankhamen's tomb in Egypt
  • Mosaic technician training
  • Conservation of mosaics in museum collections