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This course explains the the span of world history from 1300 to the present. It is offered by Princeton University through edX, an online education platform.

In this course, participants will learn not just by reading and watching lectures, but also by analyzing historical documents. The course begins in 1300 AD at the height of the Silk Road, the triumphs of the Mongol Empire, and the spread of one of the most devastating contagions of all time, the Black Death. It examines the emergence of an international system of competitive empires and its effect on trade and exchange. It also elaborates on the Age of Revolution, and discusses industrialization during the 1800s. This course concludes with a close look at the 20th century and current-day globalization.

Some of the course contents are:

  • Indian ocean worlds
  • East Asian dynamism
  • Civilizations and its discontents
  • Inventing the third world
  • Crisis and globalization