Globalization: Past and Future

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This course provides a historical and anthropological tour of six distinct waves of globalization and outlines the key factors that drove innovation, technology, dispersal and development during these epochs. It is conducted by the SDG Academy and made available through edX, an online education platform. The SDG Academy is an initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The course narrates the story of a global humanity and analyzes history to help understand the tumultuous changes underway today. The course contents are designed for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students studying international development or relations, economics, sustainable development and other related topics. The target audience also includes practitioners in the fields of policy, government relations, international trade, finance and related fields who are interested in the historical context of our current geopolitical environment and technological revolution.

Some of the course contents are:

  • Six waves of globalization, from trade by sea to the fourth industrial revolution
  • Emerging leaders -- the nations pushing progress and dominating the global economy
  • Globalization and sustainable development -- the value of a shared global vision and ethics