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This journal focusses on discussing novel technologies that can assist in the understanding of cultural heritage. It can be accessed through the website of Springer Open, an academic publishing platform.

The journal publishes articles focussed on the manufacturing and degradation processes of culturally significant buildings and objects, also elaborating on the understanding of the effects of climate change on heritage., Published works include studies on the application of analytical and imaging methods for non-invasive, non-destructive analysis of materials and objects. Additionally, the journal carries articles on heritage studies that discuss the development and application of statistical methods and algorithms for data analysis.

Some of the articles recently published in the journal are:

  • Design and validation of tailored colour reference charts for monitoring cultural heritage degradation
  • Urban historic heritage buffer zone delineation: The case of Shedian
  • 2D and 3D representation of objects in architectural and heritage studies: In search of gaze pattern similarities
  • Recovery of archaeological wall paintings using novel multispectral imaging approaches
  • Deposition of suspended fine particulate matter in a library
  • 3D modelling of an Asbad (Persian windmill): A link between vernacular architecture and mechanical system with a focus on Nehbandan windmill
  • Conservation risks for paper collections induced by the microclimate in the repository of the Alessandrina Library in Rome (Italy)
  • PROTEUS: An immersive tool for exploring the world of cultural heritage across space and time scales