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The official Youtube channel of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) presents playlists of webinars, and council meetings. The numerous studies, conferences, symposia and discussions led by ICOMOS National Committees and International Scientific Committees contribute to the philosophical and doctrinal framework of heritage on an international level.

ICOMOS is dedicated to the development of common doctrines for the protection of cultural heritage sites and monuments, the evolution and circulation of knowledge, the creation of improved conservation techniques, and the promotion of cultural heritage significance.

This unique non-governmental, democratic not-for-profit international organisation is associated with UNESCO, as an Advisory Body of the World Heritage Committee for the implementation of the World Heritage Convention. Its creation in 1965 is the outcome of initial conversations between architects, historians and international experts that began in the early twentieth century and eventualluy materialized in the adoption of the Venice Charter in 1964.

Some of the questions addressed in the videos are:

  • What does the future hold for heritage?
  • How natural and cultural heritage are closely interconnected?
  • What is the role of cultural heritage within the sustainable development process?