Ideas for a Better World: Leading Change Through Policymaking




British Council


Future Learn



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This course is about policymaking and leadership. It is taught by experts and inspirational leaders, to help learners create a policy action plan. This course is offered by the British Council through the Future Learn, an online education platform.

This course will guide pupils to become leaders and start making a difference in the world through policymaking. Policy change can affect billions of lives. Participants could create policies to enhance societies, transform lives and change the impact we have on the world. This course will help building knowledge and awareness about policymaking and leadership. Participants will learn from global policy experts and hear innovative perspectives from policy leaders creating change all around the world. Listening to guest speakers from the United Nations, the UK House of Lords, and The Elders, participants will learn to create policy action plans.

Some of the topics taught in the course include:

  • The definition of policy
  • The actors of policy change
  • Understanding how to use passion and purpose
  • The making of policy change