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This journal publishes research focussing on the use of existing resources and modern technologies for the study and repair of historical buildings and other structures. It can be accessed through the website of Taylor & Francis Online, an academic publisher.

The journal features articles and case studies on several aspects of the preservation of historical constriction such as history, methodology, materials, survey, inspection, non-destructive testing, analysis, diagnosis, remedial measures, and strengthening techniques. It highlights the need of preserving historical constructions not only as a cultural requirement, but also as an economical and developmental demand.

Some of the latest, most read and most cited articles are:

  • Crowdsource drone imagery – A powerful source for the 3D Documentation of cultural heritage at risk
  • Vulnerability Index: A new approach for preventive conservation of monuments
  • Mortars and stones of the Damascus Citadel (Syria)
  • Agricultural watchtowers in Al-Tireh Quarter and ‘Ain Qinia village, Ramallah, Palestine
  • Determining minimum intervention in the preservation of heritage buildings