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This journal publishes research discussing the meaning, function and consequences of cultural policies. It can be accessed through the website of Taylor and Francis Online, an academic publisher.

The journal presents multidisciplinary research on both culture and policy, where cultural policy is defined as the promotion or criticism of cultural practices and values. The scope of the journal includes culture-shaping policies that broadly define systems or clusters of attitudes, values and behaviours, along with the symbolic practices that maintain or support them. It also highlights academic perspectives discussing products of the arts, heritage, and creative and media industries.

Some of the latest published, most read, and most cited articles are:

  • Geocultural diplomacy
  • Cultural policies for sustainable development: four strategic paths
  • The fuzzy place of inter-religious dialogue in the international community’s intercultural dialogue efforts
  • Cultural diplomacy: Beyond the national interest?
  • Pop-culture diplomacy in Japan: Soft power, nation branding and the question of ‘international cultural exchange’
  • Cultural industries and cultural policy
  • Cultural sustainability as a strategy for the survival of museums and libraries
  • Cultural industries and public policy