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International Cultural Property Society


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This journal publishes research conducted in the discipline of cultural property, cultural heritage, and related issues. It can be accessed through the website of Cambridge University Press (CUP), an academic publisher.

The journal highlights multidisciplinary perspectives on cultural property from a wide range of disciplines such as law, anthropology, public policy, archaeology, art history, preservation, ethics, economics, and heritage studies. It informs policy recommendations to a broader audience including heritage professionals, and academic researchers.

Some of the latest, most read and most cited articles are:

  • The illicit antiquities trade as a transnational criminal network: Characterizing and anticipating trafficking of cultural heritage
  • Cultural property internationalism
  • Syria and its regional neighbors: A case of cultural property protection policy failure?
  • The destruction of cultural property in the Syrian conflict: Legal implications and obligations
  • The protection of cultural property in the Arab world