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This journal presents research results from the broadly defined field of heritage conservation. It can be accessed through a dedicated website for the journal.

The journal is a forum integrating the broad conservation environment both in Poland and abroad. It publishes studies authored by scientists and practitioners from Poland and abroad, who are recognized in their disciplines, which includes architects, constructors, manual conservators, archeologists, and art historians. The publication of the journal has received funding from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture operated by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Poland.

Some of the most recent articles from the journal are:

  • The Social value of architectural monuments in the light of selected documents of UNESCO ICOMOS, the Council of Europe, shaping the theory of cultural heritage protection
  • First-Ever EU Regulation on the import of Non-EU cultural goods – Its significance to the domestic market and the national legal system
  • Specific features of the compositional construction of historical mosques of Algeria as the basis for their preservation and restoration in the original form