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This international transdisciplinary journal focuses on exploring the many facets of heritage travel activities. It can be accessed through the website of Taylor and Francis Online, an academic publisher.

The journal seeks to critically examine all aspects of heritage tourism. Some of the topics to be explored within the context of heritage tourism will include colonial heritage, commodification, interpretation, urban renewal, religious tourism, genealogy, patriotism, nostalgia, folklore, power, funding, contested heritage, historic sites, identity, industrial heritage, marketing, conservation, ethnicity, education and indigenous heritage.

Some of the most cited articles published in the journal are:

  • Should we stay, or should we go? The influence of risk perceptions on revisit intentions to cultural heritage during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Time, tourism area ‘life-cycle,’ evolution and heritage
  • The role of information and communication technologies in cultural tourists’ journeys: The case of a World Heritage Site
  • Segmentation and characterization of tourists by spending composition in World Heritage Cities