Law and the Framing of Migrants and Migration




University of Kent


Future Learn


Free (certificate fee: USD$ 28, optional)

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This course discusses sources of international migration law and media depictions of migration and migrants. It is offered by the University of Kent through Future Learn, an online education platform.

The course delves into the history of migration. It is aimed at expanding awareness and understanding of crime and the complex operation of criminal justice in society. It provides a critical analysis of the international migration law. The participants will develop tools to assess media’s role in influencing the narrative around migrants and how they are treated. The course serves specific interests of people working for national and international governmental and non-governmental organisations involved in the field of migration, and also lawyers wanting to deepen their knowledge base.

Some of the course contents are:

  • Sources of international migration law
  • Ways the media and politicians shape the debates about migrants and migration
  • Tools to engage in a critical analysis of global migration
  • Migration crises