Module 11: Methodology of the Monument Master Plan Applied to the Monuments of the Angkor site in Cambodia




World Digital Francophone University (UNFM)




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The objective of this course is to provide site and monument managers with the methodology to restore monuments and sites. Teachers are international qualified experts in heritage restoration and knowledge experts from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. The course is made available through e-patrimoines, an e-learning training program launched by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (Directorate General of Cultural Heritage – Department of European and International Affairs). It was undertaken in partnership with the University Agency of the Francophonie (AUF) and the World Digital Francophone University (UNFM).

The course presents the priorities and means necessary to define and improve the conservation of a site or monument, increase its attractiveness of a given monument, while engaging people in the development of better services for visitors. All of these elements take the form of a monument master plan applicable to monuments and sites.

Some of the course contents are:

  • Role of a pilgrimage site, landscape of Angkor in the history of Cambodia
  • Documentation on Buddha's left footprint
  • Managing scientific archives relating to the activity of the French School of the Far East (EFEO) on the Angkor site
  • Restoration methodology of the Western Mébon in Angkor
  • Cultural challenges confronting Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay as a major tourist destination