Module 14: Rock Art in Africa




World Digital Francophone University (UNFM)




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The objective of this course is to provide information on tools to meet the challenges of research, conservation, protection, and management of rock art sites on the African continent. It is taught by knowledge experts from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. This is available through e-patrimoines, an e-learning training program launched by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (Directorate General of Cultural Heritage–Department of European and International Affairs). It was undertaken in partnership with the University Agency of the Francophonie (AUF) and the World Digital Francophone University (UNFM).

In addition to the teaching for this module, participants will have access to a toolbox, where includes free software and a rock art lexicon, to undertake their fieldwork and research in rock art.

Some of the course contents are:

  • Rock art images and mythology
  • Archaeological and paleo-environmental remains
  • Physio-chemical characterization and dating of rock images
  • Protection, conservation and management of rock art sites across the African continent
  • Rock images of the Sahara