Module 2: General Inventory




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This module intends to answer the question of the implementation of inventories of movable and immovable cultural property, tangible or intangible (with the exception of museum collections and undiscovered archaeological sites). It is taught by knowledge experts from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. This is available through e-patrimoines, an e-learning training program launched by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (Directorate General of Cultural Heritage–Department of European and International Affairs). It was undertaken in partnership with the University Agency of the Francophonie (AUF) and the World Digital Francophone University (UNFM).

The 'General Inventory,' represents France's response, backed by a European recommendation, for the implementation of inventories of cultural properties. The 'General Inventory' is based on a coherent, interoperable and sustainable documentary system. This module will first present this national approach in a European context, emphasizing the possible uses as well as the necessary tools. Concrete examples from different regions of metropolitan France or overseas will illustrate this overall approach.

Some of the course contents are:

  • Essential tools for the study of buildings in the 'General Inventory,' of cultural heritage
  • Legal dimensions of inventories
  • Building an operational team for the 'General Inventory,' of cultural heritage