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This course explains concepts concerning management of collections, exhibition design, communication techniques applicable not only to museums, but to all kinds of cultural institutions. It is offered by the University of Bologna through its online learning platform called UniBO Open Knowledge (BOOK).

This course has been developed within the framework of a 30 month-long (2017-2019) international project funded by the European Union in the frame of the EuropeAid - Civil Society Organisations-Local Authorities Programme in Iraq. The course is spread across four weeks with the last week dedicated to a practical case study of museum renovation. On the course, participants are equipped with communication strategies of the cultural institutions, together with the concepts of 'edutainment' and 'participatory museum'.

Some of the course contents are:

  • The modern museum and its forms of communication
  • The social impact of museums
  • Birth, fall and renaissance of the Iraq Museum in Baghdad