Philosophical Perspectives on Ruins, Monuments, and Memorials




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Routledge Taylor and Francis Group


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This e-book is a collection of essays that examine our relationship to physical objects that invoke, commemorate, and honor the past. It can be accessed through the website of the Routledge Taylor and Francis Group.

The e-book discusses issues of preservation and reconstruction, the nature of ruins, the aesthetic and ethical values of memorials, and the relationship of cultural memory to material artifacts that remain from the past. The contributors to the volume include philosophers, art historians, and archaeologists.

Some of the contents of the e-book are:

  • The (future of the) ruins in the United Arab Emirates
  • The reconstruction of damaged or destroyed heritage
  • On the road to ruin: Anticipating and appreciating the natural degradation of human constructions
  • Ruins and debris: Cultural heritage practice, resource management, and archaeology