QGIS for Archaeology and Heritage Management




German Archaeological Institute (DAI)


German Archaeological Institute (DAI)


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This tutorial on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provides theoretical as well as practical knowledge of mapping and processing of spatial information using GIS. It is hosted by the platform iDAI.tutorials of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) for individuals working in the field of archaeology, cultural heritage and museum management. In addition to this, the platform offers the first Arabic translations of international standards and guidelines on digitization such as OAIS, Dublin Core. Courses and resources are being continuously developed and added by the various initiatives of the project “Stunde Null/Hour Zero” with the support of the Archaeological Heritage Network. The platform was initially developed in the framework of the Funds-in-Trust agreement “Capacity Building, Technical and Media Support” between UNESCO and the German Archaeological Institute.

GIS constitutes a key technology for archaeologists and professionals from related fields. Open source GIS such as Quantum GIS provide powerful platforms for the mapping and processing of spatial information.

The GIS tutorial aims to provide participants with insights on:

  • Theoretic background
  • Practical skills
  • Processing of archaeological spatial data using Qunatum GIS