Research Data Management and Sharing




University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill




Free (certificate fee: USD$ 29, optional)

Available in

English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese


This course explains the diversity of data and their management needs across the research data lifecycle. It is offered by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with support from the University of Edinburgh through Coursera, an online education platform.

Today, an increasing number of funding agencies, journals, and other stakeholders are requiring data producers to share, archive, and plan for the management of their data. In response to this, this course was developed by the Curating Research Assets and Data Using Lifecycle Education (CRADLE) Project in collaboration with EDINA at the University of Edinburgh. It will train researchers and information professionals to optimize research outputs, increase the impact of research, and support open scientific inquiry. In addition to this, it also examines the benefits and challenges of sharing research data.

Some of the course contents are:

  • Understanding research data
  • Planning data management
  • Working with data
  • Sharing data