Safeguarding Cultural Heritage from Natural and Man-Made Disasters

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Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (European Commission)


Publications Office of the European Union



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This document offers a comparative analysis of risk management for cultural heritage in the European Union (EU). It can be accessed through the website of the Publications Office of the European Union, the official provider of publishing services to all EU institutions, bodies, and agencies.

The document presents a comprehensive overview of the existing knowledge, at European and international level, on safeguarding cultural heritage from the effects of natural disasters and threats caused by human action. Furthermore, it maps existing strategies and tools for disaster risk management in the 28 Member States, and provides evidence-based recommendations with the purpose of supporting European cooperation and improving the integration of cultural heritage in national platforms for disaster risk reduction.

Some of the topics of the document are:

  • Armed conflicts and terrorism
  • Climate change
  • Literature review and recommendations