Searching for Sharing: Heritage and Multimedia in Africa




University of British Columbia


Open Book Publishers



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This e-book deliberates on the process of documenting and digitizing diverse oral traditions of the indigenous communities across Africa. It can be accessed through the website of the Open Book Publishers, a not-for-profit publisher providing free access to academic books.

The e-book also discusses issues of ownership, repatriation and ethical collaboration with the indigenous communities when documenting and sharing oral literature for the multimedia platform. Besides this, every chapter examines the historical and cultural significance of a specific oral tradition. This e-book is the seventh volume of the World Oral Literature series produced in association with the World Oral Literature Project, which is directed by Mark Turin from the University of British Columbia. The World Oral Literature Series seeks to promote and preserve verbal heritage of the indigenous communities by publishing the oral traditions digitally. 

 Some of the topics discussed in the e-book are:

  • Mara Cultural Heritage Digital Library
  • Preservation of Ewe heritage material
  • New electronic resources for texts in Manding languages