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This journal publishes theories and empirical studies from the field of security. It can be accessed through the website of SAGE Journals, an academic publisher.

The journal features research methodologies and multidisciplinary perspectives from a wide range of disciplines relating to security, such as international studies, gender studies, political sociology, political economy, geography, cultural studies, political theory, anthropology, development studies, postcolonial studies, and peace and conflict studies. It presents debates on new and traditional security issues including globalization, nationalism, ethnic conflict and civil war, information technology, biological and chemical warfare, resource conflicts, pandemics, global terrorism, non-state actors and environmental and human security.

 Some of the latest, most read and most cited articles are:

  • Resettling Afghan and Iraqi interpreters employed by Western armies: The contradictions of the migration -- security nexus
  • Time will tell: Defining violence in terrorism court cases
  • Militarism and the Bedouin: Intersections of colonialism, gender, and race in the Arab Gulf
  • Memoirs of women-in-conflict: Ugandan ex-combatants and the production of knowledge on security and peace building
  • The impact of (counter-) terrorism on public (in)security in Nigeria: A vernacular analysis
  • Rashomon in the Sahel: Conflict dynamics of security regionalism