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This journal highlights academic research of material culture belonging to all time periods ranging from prehistory to the recent past. It can be accessed through the website of Cambridge University Press (CUP), an academic publisher.

The journal publishes multi-disciplinary academic perspectives across history, art history, architecture, linguistics, archaeology, and scientific data. The target audience includes archaeologists, architectural and art historians, and material culture specialists, as well as those involved in conservation in its broadest application.

Some of the most read and most cited articles are:

  • The Latino-Libyan inscriptions of Tripolitania
  • Early Muslim trading settlements on the East African Coast: New evidence from Shanga
  • Archaeology at Ras Muari: Sonari, A Bronze Age fisher-gatherers settlement at the Hab River Mouth (Karachi, Pakistan)
  • Trans-Saharan gold trade and Byzantine Coinage
  • The face of battle? Debating arrow trauma on medieval human remains from Princesshay, Exeter