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This journal publishes articles pertaining to the investigation, conservation and management of the historic environment. It can be accessed through Taylor & Francis Online, an academic publisher.

The journal forms an essential reading for all archaeological practitioners, and those involved in building conservation - contractors, consultants, curators, researchers, students and fieldworkers - both professional and voluntary. It cuts across organizational divisions to identify themes which are of concern and interest to all practitioners. It attempts to demonstrate best practice and appropriate methods, and the enhancement of technical and professional skills. This journal presents studies that feature the political, legal, economic, cultural, environmental, social and educational contexts, alongside academic frameworks of research involved in the historic environment. The journal also includes studies that investigate relationships between historic sites and past and future environmental change.

Some of the articles of the journal are:

  • Adaptive reuse of heritage buildings: From a literature review to a model of practice
  • Maritime cultural heritage and urbanization in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Neighbourhood revitalisation and heritage conservation through adaptive reuse: Assessing instruments for communing
  • Periodic reporting under the World Heritage Convention: Futures and possible responses to loss
  • Fire prevention in historic buildings – approaches for safe practice
  • Climate change and cultural heritage: A systematic literature review (2016–2020)
  • A proposal to operationalise the concept of compatibility in World Heritage Climate Change Policy