The Scientific Revolution: Understanding the Roots of Modern Science




University of Groningen


Future Learn


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This course explains the seventeenth-century 'Scientific Revolution,' and its role in shaping the modern Western world. It is offered by the University of Groningen through Future Learn, an online education platform.

In this course participants will critically explore the history of science, challenging established simplistic narratives of how science has developed. This course has been created for those working in science who wish to know more about the origins of modern science. It’s also been created for people with a general interest in science and history.

Some of the learning outcomes are:

  • Reflecting on the historical background of a scientific discipline by tracing it back to its seventeenth-century roots
  • Engaging critically with ideas about the overall role and meaning of scientific disciplines and practices
  • Interpreting texts about scientific practices of the past
  • Producing a short blog post about the historical background a desired discipline